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SUP Lesson:  2 hours, $75/person

Begin with a shore-side orientation and stretch. You will learn all the basics of stand up paddle-boarding including paddling positions and stance, maneuvering and water safety. You will then be guided on a tour of the waters of Town Cove in the Nauset Estuary and , time and conditions permitting, visit Hopkins Island at the east end of the Cove.

SUP Glide ‘N Go:  2 hours, $65/person

Our experienced guide(s) will teach you all the basics of SUP-ing for the first half hour. After that, you are off to enjoy an hour and a half of paddling on the waters of Town Cove.

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Q: Is it difficult to SUP?

A: If you’ve ever surfed, wind-surfed, or done anything on a board in water, you’ll probably feel right at home on a SUP. However, fear not, less board-friendly water adventurers: SUP-ing is a breeze. It requires a little bit of natural balance and athleticism, but it’s wicked easy. You stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart in the center of the board, keep your knees a little bit bent, and your eyes looking straight ahead at the horizon. All of this will help your balance and give you the perfect stance to paddle like the wind. Plus, SUPing is a great full-body workout!

Town Cove Kayak Tour - Phil (1)KAYAKS

Intro to Kayaking:  3 hours, $75/person

Learn how to launch from a dock, perform efficient paddle strokes, maneuvering and controlling your kayak. You will also learn wet exit techniques from an overturned or swamped kayak and re-entry and de-watering techniques. Lastly, you will learn how to disembark or launch your kayak from or onto a dock, or on a beach or rocky shore.

Town Cove Tour:  2 hours, $50/person

Enjoy a fun, family-oriented tour of Town Cove with one our our knowledgeable guides. You will begin with a brief shore-side orientation to learn the basics of paddling the launch from our dock. Time and conditions permitting, you will paddle to and from Hopkins Island at the east end of the Cove.

Nauset Marsh Tour: 3-4 hours, $75/person

After a brief shore-side orientation, our guide(s) will lead you through the Nauset Salt Marsh located within the Cape Cod National Seashore. The Marsh is within an estuary and replete with winding creeks and coves. It is home to a wide array of marine and avian species and offers amazing wildlife viewing. Time and conditions permitting, you may have the opportunity to view gray and harbor seals in the eastern portion of the marsh. This tour is tide-dependent and is slightly more demanding than our Town Cove Tour and is recommended for conditioned paddlers with prior kayaking experience.


1) There is a boat channel that runs straight through the Cove. It’s marked by red and green buoys and is the only part of the Cove deep enough for motor boats to get through. Try to stay out of the channel as much as possible! You can cross it, but think of it like a street: look both ways and make sure there aren’t any large watercraft on their way through. We recommend paddling along the coast as much as possible. This way you can avoid both motor boats AND strong winds…it’s a win for everyone!

2) The wind usually picks up in the afternoon. Although the Town Cove is moderately protected by the surrounding land, a strong wind will definitely hinder your paddle. If it’s a southerly wind, making your way back to our shop will be more difficult and most likely take a longer time. Keep that in mind on your paddle out to the marsh in order to return on time and avoid any late fees ($75 late fee).

3) If you can’t make your way back to our shop and you’re still out on the water, we can always come pick you up in the shop’s motor boat. HOWEVER, keep in mind that it’s a $75 fee PER BOAT if we have to come rescue you and it’s not an emergency.

4) Things to bring with you on your adventure: WATER! Sun screen, a towel/extra set of clothes, and a snack or lunch.

Goose Hummock is family-owned and operated right here in Orleans, MA. Since our company opened its doors in 1946, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.


Q: Do you rent wet suits or dry bags to take with me on my paddle?

A: Unfortunately we do not rent wet suits. Wet suits are pretty much unnecessary, as the water temperature sits around 62 degrees all summer. Hypothermia is rather unlikely. Dry bags, on the other hand, may be useful. We do have a limited number for rent at $5 per trip and we do have some for sale in our store.

Q: What should I wear for my kayaking/canoeing/SUPing adventure?

A: Anything you don’t mind getting wet. A bathing suit usually does the trick with a pair of sandals or water shoes. If not, shorts, a t-shirt, and old sneakers will just as easily get the job done. These are all water sports, so expect to get wet!

Q: Are there sharks in the Cove or Marsh?

A: Never in all of the years of the existence of Town Cove has a great white shark been spotted. We get the occasional lost seal swimming around near Hopkins Island, but that’s about as exciting as it gets. The seals won’t bother you if you don’t bother them; they’ll just poke their head out of the water to see what’s going on.

Q: Is it possible to paddle during low tide?

A: Paddling during high tide is definitely preferable, but it’s still possible to get around during low tide. There are a few sandbars out in the Cove that you might get stuck in if you’re not careful, but keep in mind that kayaks only need a few inches of water to get through smoothly. However, if you plan on paddling in the marsh, low tide will make it extremely difficult to paddle anywhere that’s not the main channel. We recommend paddling in the Cove and Marsh in the 6 hour window surrounding high tide. (A tide chart can be found online or in our store for your own reference).

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